This is What the Hell I'm Doing.

Degree Project Progress Presentation

Above is the progress presentation I gave on 2/6, amassing all of the work that I've done in relation to picking out my specific topic for my degree project. The path that I've chosen is down the idea of reliability in political news.
"With record amounts of content being pushed out, there needs to be a way to sort through all of the crap to find the gems. Because anyone can publish content, the general masses have no idea where or who the content is coming from, and this needs to change."
 With this project, and after giving this presentation, i realized that I'm walking a fine line about what I do and do not want to do. I'm not wanting to show that one article, journalist, or media outlet is King above all of the rest, or show which articles are 100% true. I'm wanting to help point out which sources are doing their research and talking about topics knowledgeably, and not just ranting about their opinions.

From here, I'm working on how this system would function and work for the next two weeks. Below is my timeline for this project.


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