My Thoughts + Writings. Part 1. An Overview.

I've been doing a lot of writing about news and interactive design this past week. Today is Saturday, January 21st, and school scarily starts on Monday, January 23rd. So not much time left to prepare for classes, but the one class I will be (somewhat) prepared for is, hopefully, this class.
            Anything I do is plagued with OCD, and writing isn't an exception to those rules. In writing all of this down to bring my thoughts together, my brain constantly switched from topic to topic and made it hard to get everything down. I had a lot of ideas that all wanted to come out at once, I blame that on my stuttering. So I have a lot of ideas written down, some are much more flushed out than others, but that's fine in my mind. This is all here for me to get my ideas out of my head and parse them down into what I'm really wanting to do. And this is also for anyone who is interested to see where I started this entire project.
            Looking back through everything that I wrote about and still want to write about, I came up with a list of overarching topics that the majority of my writings/thoughts fell into. Those topics are as follows:
  1. What I Want to Accomplish
  2. iDevices vs Computers
  3. Inspiration (coming later in the process)
  4. Trends
  5. Reader or writer?
  6. Platform: iPad.
            I want to have covered as many ideas and parts to this project as possible before monday to make sure I have a nice, thorough understanding of everything. That way, any discussions that I have about this with any of my teachers will go well, and I will get the most out of them. Plus, I'm taking another 18 hour semester again, so the more work I get done before classes start, the better off I will be once everything really picks up.
            Instead of making this one huge-ass blog post, this will be split up into eight separate posts. This one, the six mentioned in the list above, and then an ever-growing list of links to articles that I have found (and will continue to find) to help inform all of this.

shortlink: http://ianarthur.info/yvi50c

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