Senior Presentation + Degree Project Question.

Senior Review + Degree Project Question

This was the presentation I gave to the faculty and students in the Graphic Design department of the Kansas City Art Institute on December 5, 2011. The main part of the presentation was a recap of my time in the graphic department. The last part was introducing the topic of my senior degree project. I proposed the following question:

How can graphic design change how news is reported and accessed through the use of new and proposed technologies and platforms in today’s world of strong interconnectivity?
 This question has been mulling about in my mind since then and I've been reading my fair share of articles and studying websites and apps. Everything from the physical newspaper to the newest social news apps have been going through my brain to figure out where the consumption of news/information is moving. I can't ignore past and current incarnations of news and information outlets, they will most definitely inform the future incarnations.

more blog posts to follow about initial ideas and thoughts before this semester starts up on january 23.

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